Main | Tuesday, February 20, 2007


At first I thought that the name badge on the young lady at Walgreens said "Beyonce", and I thought to myself, "Yeah, you wish." Closer inspection revealed her name to actually be "Bouncy", and I was reminded of various names of co-workers I've had over the years: Precious, Sunshine, Happy, and Merry. These were all their real names, given by their parents. Poor Bouncy. If that's not her real name, I wonder what could have been worse.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned my maternal grandmother, Mildred. When I was little and couldn't say "Grandma", I took to calling her "G.G.", after her repeated attempts to have me learn "Grandma" by spelling it out to me. G.G. stuck, and that's the name the entire family referred to her by for the rest of her life. She remarried late in life to one Edward Love, and was tickled by her new stripper name: G.G. Love. True story.

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