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Facts Evasion

Here are the audio clips of Matt Sanchez' appearance on the Michelangelo Signorile Show today, thoughtfully broken into 4 topics by Sirius producer David Guggenheim. (Thanks, David!) As those who listened live have already commented in the post below, Sanchez was annoyingly evasive during Signorile's questioning, often responding to a question with a question. Signorile was led in circles for most of the interview, getting Sanchez to at least declare that he is not gay, never was, and that he willed himself into erections during all that man-fucking. Set your bullshit detectors on high.

Sanchez on DADT: Stream. Download.
Sanchez on his porn career: Stream. Download.
Sanchez on his sexuality: Stream. Download.
Sanchez on gay bloggers: Stream. Download.

And with this, we are hopefully done with Mr. Sanchez. As Signorile said on-air after Sanchez left the studio, the right-wing is probably puking right now that they ever lionized Matt Sanchez. And I don't see him winning any HRC visibility awards real soon. Signorile also said that Sanchez told him off-air that he'd "heard" from the Marine Corps and they told him not to worry about getting kicked out. Anybody buying that?

UPDATE: Sirius has provided me with the unedited interview. Stream. Download.

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