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Showbiz Round-Up

Last week I had dinner with Queer Of The Year 2006, Mike Jones, musical superstars Steve Schalchlin and Jim Brochu, and theatrical producer Jerry Wade. Mike had just arrived from a taping of the Montell Williams show, where he tangled with loony Exodus front man Alan Chambers. I'll let you know when the show airs. Mike is also about to put his infamous massage table up on eBay, to benefit Denver's Project Angel Heart, which delivers free meals to people with HIV/AIDS. I'll post the auction when it goes up. Anybody wanna own a real piece of American political history? Will Haggard's DNA be included?

Steve and Jim have cast replacements for themselves in their off-Broadway hit The Big Voice: God Or Merman?, and will be leaving the show March 11th to begin touring their Ovation-winning Zero Hour, a one-Brochu show about theatre legend Zero Mostel. And Jerry Wade hipped me to a couple of his projects: the monthly George Bernard Shaw series, Project Shaw at The Players Theatre, and Spaulding Gray: Stories Left To Tell, at the Minetta Lane Theatre, featuring a five-person ensemble reading Gray's stories. I was always fascinated with Gray, even his Staten Island Ferry suicide was theatrical.

UPDATE: Mike's Montell episode airs Monday, March 12th.

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