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The Tudors

On Tuesday, Little David accompanied me to a screening of Showtime's upcoming series, The Tudors, where we saw the first two of ten episodes. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII, Sam Neill as Cardinal Wolsey, and a very attractive cast, The Tudors takes a liberty here and there with the historical record, for example depicting Wolsey as a scheming behind-the-scenes manipulator plotting to be named Pope, something which I think has never been proven. (Readers?) I was also fascinated with the circuit-boyish clippered haircuts sported by most of the male cast.

But David and I both thoroughly enjoyed the non-stop alliances, betrayals, infidelities and the lots and lots of fucking. Steven Waddington as the Lord Of Buckingham will definitely please the redhead aficionados out there. I'm quite anxious to see the rest of the series, which debuts on April 1. Highly recommended.

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