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Clinton: Repeal War Authority

Yesterday Sen. Hillary Clinton proposed a repeal of the 2002 authority Congress gave Bush to invade Iraq, joining Sen. Robert Bird in a call to end that authority by Oct. 11th, the 5th anniversary of the original vote. Analysts believe that such a repeal would undoubtedly become an issue for the federal courts, as it would raise constitutional issues about presidential war powers. If Congress were to approve the repeal, Bush could argue that Congress could not end the war by reversing its own original permission.

John Edwards opposes the repeal, saying Congress should focus on withdrawing troops via resending Bush the war funding bill he vetoed last week. Clinton claimed to reporters that reversing the 2002 authority would mean that U.S. troops would be out of Iraq by October, although her staff later clarified that she still supports a continued presence in Iraq to "pursue terrorist cells".

Clinton continues to dance around, avoiding the demand that she apologize for her original vote supporting the war, something John Edwards has done. This ploy to repeal her own vote is more of the same.

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