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New York Magazine is riffing on a survey released last year by the CDC that reports that the incidence of anal sex among heterosexuals has climbed by about 50% over the last 15 years, with 38% of women and 32% of men now saying that they occasionally indulge in backdoor shenangigans.

The article, written by sex advice authors Em & Lo, mentions that while most of heterosexual anal sex is, ahem, one way, straight men are feeling increasingly free to admit that they too enjoy anal play and that number of women buying strap-ons to use on their boyfriends is rising. Anybody seen one of the Bend-Over Boyfriend videos? I totally have not. Except a few times.

A married straight guy tells Em & Lo, “My wife is totally turned on by the idea of ‘having’ me, as that’s just not something women really get to do most of the time, and it’s not something that guys have usually had done to them. It really is a reversal in the most primal of ways. I think anyone who doesn’t enjoy it or thinks they wouldn’t is hindered by their own hang-ups. It feels good, period. And breaking taboos is sexy. Variety is sexy. Being vulnerable is sexy.”

South Beach. Facial hair. And now anal luvin. Those wacky breeders co-opt everything.

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