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Not Married, Married - Just Lovers

Saturday, 1am, Hillside Campgrounds

I'm chatting with a trio from Canada. A handsome muscular man walks past the bonfire....

Camper 1: Woof!
Camper 2: Agreed.
Camper 3: Married. Lives in Boston.
Camper 1: Damn, too bad.
Camper 2: No, he's not married, but he lives with his lover.
Camper 1: Oh, so I've got a shot.
Camper 2: I didn't say that. Just that he's not married, married.
Camper 1: So, they're just lovers?
Camper 2: Right. Just lovers.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post titled, "What IS a Husband?", wondering whether once gay marriage became a reality, would we be flippantly giving "verbal downgrades" to relationships that haven't been made "legal". The exchange above is just one of the several times I've heard such a distinction made in the past few months. And I hate it.

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