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WingNutDaily: Nuke 'Dem Mosques

Here's the result of a poll on WingNutDaily (via Pam's House Blend), asking their readers, "Should U.S. threaten nuclear annihilation of Muslim holy sites for deterrence?" Frightening. Funny how they characterize Muslims as "religion-driven fanatics", innit? Much as I used to watch 700 Club, I now read WingNutDaily for the pure entertainment value of watching how completely nutso the right wing can get.

Their top story today rails: "Global Warming: 'Hot Air'. And then right below it, "NYC Faces Record-Breaking Cold Today." Not that the two are necessarily related, but still. Funny. And you have to giggle when their "end of times" pieces (usually about how the immorality of America means the apocalypse will occur any minute) are wedged between shills for long-term investment advice books. Jeebus is coming right away, but make sure you trade long, just in case he, you know, doesn't.

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