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HomoQuotable - Lisa Sanders

"I'm just very proud of my father. And to be a part of this. It's about equality, and he's doing the right thing, and I'm very confident in him." - Lisa Sanders, lesbian daughter of San Diego's Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders, who outed her during his press conference endorsing San Diego's pro-gay marriage resolution. (Via - Rex Wockner.)

Sanders is running for re-election in heavily-red San Diego. Here's hoping his change of heart regarding marriage equality does not cost him the election.

UPDATE: Rex Wockner objects to my characterization of San Diego as "heavily-red". Rex: "Although San Diego COUNTY has more red than blue registered voters (527,448 to 461,245) ... in the city itself, blue beats red 224,397 to 190,647. Interestingly, another 141,090 registered voters (such as myself) are 'decline to state,' meaning they have no declared party affiliation. Another 27,000 voters in the city are registered with minor parties." My apologies for the error.

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