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You may not be as fascinated with statistics as I am. But this list from BlogWorldExpo caught my eye. Egad, Technorati tracks 70 million blogs? No wonder my blogroll is so long. In the last year, JMG's Technorati rank (which fluctuates daily) has fallen from around 2300 to somewhere around 3831, despite my traffic almost doubling in that time - evidence of the continuing blogsplosion. Here's the current Top 100. Perez Hilton, at #14, remains the top "gay" blog, although some would argue whether his blog falls in that category. Andrew Sullivan is next at #81, with the same disclaimer. Technorati only posts their Top 100, but I'd imagine that Towleroad comes next, he's somewhere in the 600's. Anyway, this post is just an excuse to mention that JMG rolled over another million hits yesterday. Go me. I'm 3831, I'm 3831! Meh, doesn't have much of a ring to it.

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