Main | Monday, October 29, 2007

Manhattan Monday

-After their dismal showing this season, the Yankees have replaced manager Joe Torre with the infinitely hotter former catcher Joe Girardi. Makes me want to care about the American League again. Almost. The Yankees won three World Series with Girardi behind the plate.

-The 34th Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade starts at 7pm on Wednesday. In honor of the day, the Empire State Building, normally darkened at midnight, will be illuminated in orange until dawn.

-Diplomats from the the Democratic Republic of Congo bought dozens of handguns at a Chinatown gun shop. No explanation of how they side-stepped New York's stringent license requirements.

-The former site of CBGB's is being turned into a boutique for fashion designer John Varvatos, whose work is a favorite of many rockers such as Slash and Alice Cooper. All in all, not a terribly bad use of a legendary space. But, still.

-New York City grocery stores may be ordered to recycle their plastic bags. Stores would have to provide a place for customers to return empty bags or face a $2000 daily fine. "Honey, can you run out for some milk? Oh, and here, take these 20 bags back with you." Yeah, not gonna happen.


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