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The Princes Of Tides

In another sign of the tidal change in how young people view gays, two 16 year-old boyfriends in Davis, California have been elected Homecoming "Princes" after a successful write-in campaign.
For what appears to be the first time in school history, the Davis Senior High student body has elected a gay couple into homecoming royalty. With each boasting a white sash declaring his title as "Prince," the two 16-year-olds rode through the city of Davis on a recent Friday afternoon in the school's annual homecoming parade.

They stood in the back of a pickup truck, arm-in-arm, smiling warmly despite the rain. "People were so excited for us," Gatewood said of the couple's victory, announced a few weeks ago. "We were a little surprised, but Davis ..."

"Is a liberal town," interrupts his boyfriend of four months, Raphael. "Go 10 miles in any other direction and you'll get some other feeling." Indeed, the news might surprise few in Davis, a city embraced and, at times, mocked for its liberal leanings. But students and adults cheering on the boys recognized their election as a meaningful milestone.
A sweet story, yes? I've heard of openly gay high-schoolers being voted Homecoming King or Queen, but never a couple. But our ever-reliable Freepers are already on the case:

-"Must they make a mockery of every single tradition that ever was? All this pandering and teaching is nothing less than negligence of the mentally ill."
-"In the early to mid eighties we have a few effeminate boys coming to high school dressed as women. Transvestites. In high school. In a rural, logging town. It only took a couple ass-beatings out on the football field to put an end to that crap."
-"The homosexual political agenda is obsessive and totalitarian, so they are compelled to destroy every tradition."
-"I guarantee that both will be dead or damn close to it, five years from today."
-"Must they make a mockery of every single tradition that ever was? That is their goal. To destroy every aspect of Western Civilization. And don't doubt for a second that some of the "educators" had a hand in this."

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