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From the comments on a Guardian article about Barack Obama's speaking style, whom the author says can even make a chair sound interesting.

Biden: I have worked with chairs all over the world, and most members of Congress agree with my plan for how to make chairs.
Bloomberg: I've put together a committee to survey voters on whether they want me to make their chairs.
Clinton: I have the most experience in making chairs.
Edwards: I will fight the chairmakers!
Giuliani: I can best protect you from the danger of chairs, just as I did in NYC.
Huckabee: Chairs did not evolve, but were created.
Kucinich: We should have a one-payer system for chairs.
McCain: My friends, I believe we can sit together in our chairs and work out bipartisan solutions without torture.
Obama: Together we can create chairs in a new way.
Paul: Why is the government involved in making chairs?
Romney: Venture capitalism has made American chairs the greatest in the world.
Tancredo: We must build a fence to keep out foreign illegal chairs.
Thompson: I like a comfortable, yet presidential looking chair.

(Via - Andrew Sullivan.)

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