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Mike Jones' Book Found In Car Of Colorado Church Shooter

Colorado Springs police have reported that they recovered a copy of Mike Jones' autobiography from the vehicle of Colorado church shooter Matthew Murray. In December, Murray killed himself with a shot to the head after killing two people at the Youth With A Mission ministry in Arvada, Colorado, then killing two congregants at Denver's New Life Church, once home to disgraced evangelical minister Ted Haggard.

Jones' book, I Had To Say Something, recounts his experience working as a prostitute and crystal meth procurer for Haggard. Jones brought about Haggard's downfall when he revealed their relationship to a Colorado radio station in the fall of 2006. Prior to the shootings, Matthew Murray had expressed anger that New Life had forgiven Ted Haggard for his homosexuality, but had not forgiven him.

In the trunk of Murray's car, which was found in the New Life parking lot, was an AK-47 assault rifle, 28 gun magazines, and over 2000 bullets. Police also found a copy of Serial Murderers and Their Victims, by Eric W. Hicke, and a letter addressed "To God". The contents of the letter were not disclosed.

In 2002, Murray was dismissed from the Youth With A Mission group for what they described as "health reasons." Youth With A Mission has been described as "associated with the ex-gay organization Exodus International, has been criticized by some as a 'cult' and attacked for 'brainwashing' members and promoting anti-gay messages."

Ted Haggard, the New Life Church, and Youth With A Mission are all morally complicit in the murders committed by Matthew Murray. When you ostracize gay youth, when you tell them they are worthless, perverted, diseased sinners bound for eternal damnation, you have to bear some of the responsibility for the creature you have created. If I were the parents of those killed, I'd be suing every fucking one of them.

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