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Swag Tuesday

Today's Swag Tuesday giftie is Code Of Conduct, the new novel from Rich Merritt, whom you may recall from his critically lauded 2005 memoir, Secrets Of A Gay Marine Porn Star.
Memoirist Merritt (Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star) delivers thought-provoking fiction on the problem of being gay in the military. As Clinton begins putting the "don't ask, don't tell" policy into place in the early 1990s, closeted and disturbed Naval Investigative Service Agent Jay Gared goes on a mission to catch violators of Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice--i.e., the rule that states that sodomy is a criminal act. Chief Petty Officer Edie L. Johnson, who has been switching blood vials for six years to get around the service's mandatory HIV test, gets into Jay's sights. When Eddie catches Jay snooping in his home, Jay shoots Eddie and fakes Eddie's suicide. Shocked friends and family know better, for a group of close-knit gay and lesbian military personnel, the "suicide" is a call to arms. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Donald A. Hawkins, a gay rights advocate, vows to learn the truth. Merritt raises provocative questions and delivers a graphic crime tale.
Here's a beefcake laden trailer for the book:

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