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Operator, Get Me Jeebus On The Line

My landline has been getting drilled all week by a telemarketer with a blocked ID. I don't pick up for blocked callers, but Google reveals that the number, 866-266-6277, is owned by United American Technologies. From Wikipedia:
The telemarketing campaign, run by a nonprofit organization called "Faith, Family and Freedom" begins its pitch by asking the callee if they were opposed to same sex marriage. If the callee responds positively, they are then transferred to a United American Technologies representative who will explain to them how the more common telephone service providers, such as AT&T, MCI and Verizon are supporters of gay marriage and child pornography, and that United American Technologies is "the only carrier that is taking an active stand against same sex marriages and hardcore child pornography".

"Faith, Family and Freedom" is a 527 organization created by Lance Cargill, the Republican floor leader of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. A percentage of the profits from each caller who switched to UAT would be directed back to the 527 to pay for conservative political campaigns.
I cannot fucking wait for them to call again. "Praise Jeebus! I luuuuuuve hardcore child pornography! Here, let me put my daughter on so she call tell you all about it." It also occurs to me that softcore kiddie porn must be OK with these Christers. By the way, this company must be having some success, Wonkette blogged about this campaign back in 2005.

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