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Rice Queens, Potato Queens

CurrentTV has posted Rainbow Nation?, a narration-free clip of gay San Franciscans speaking quite frankly about the stereotypes surrounding gay Asian men, certainly one of the touchiest yet most-discussed topics in the Castro. I found the clip over on Little.Yellow.Different, where the always hilarious and thought-provoking Ernie Hsiung opens his commentary with: "That’s a way to get a response from me; create a video that starts out with the line, “Asian men have a lot of diseases [and] small penises."

It's interesting that so many of the interviewees bring up online profiles, where some people feel free to say things that they would die before saying to someone in person. Shameful and depressing. Ernie Hsiung runs a second blog, 8Asians, where some slight comic relief comes from one of the commenters who lobbed this barb at one of the guys in the clip: "To Mr. Eyebrow Piercing: Hello Tinkerbell, who are you calling effeminate?!" Touche', missy.

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