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Bob Mould Band At Irving Plaza

Last night I caught Bob Mould's packed show at Irving Plaza on his tour to support his new album, District Line. I've seen Bob perform at least six or seven times over the last few years, and last night's show might have been the best yet. The audience was super responsive, calling Bob back for two multi-song encores. A mini-mosh pit even broke out during the end, causing a scuffle with security and prompting Bob to comment, "You can slam dance all you want, just don't knock over the furniture."

Rich Morel is playing keyboards on the tour, as he did for 2005's Body Of Song tour, which I also saw at Irving Plaza (now curiously named Irving Plaza At The Fillmore, or some such nonsense.) Rich got several nice spotlights, particularly during Hoover Dam and Circles, during the latter of which I got goosebumps from Bob's tortured vocals. Just another fantastic show, with lots of stuff from the new album and enough Sugar and Hüsker Dü chestnuts to make the longtime time Mould fanatics very happy.

One amusing moment before the show occurred when I overheard a Mould fan gushing to his friends that "Bob totally came out on the floor during the opening act! He was right over there, talking to some of his..." The guy trailed off as he noticed me listening, then tried to recover. "Some of his, uh, homo boys." (Photo on right.) Made me smile.

After the show Bob and his homo boys went off to dinner and Rich and I retired to the Phoenix to discuss Giorgio Moroder and Madleen Kane. Good night all around. The tour hits Philly tonight and tomorrow the band plays DC's 9:30 Club immediately before Blowoff in the same room.

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