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Save Madhi Kazemi

There's a new website in support of Madhi Kazemi, the gay Iranian teen facing deportation back to Iran after the UK ruled denied his asylum request on the grounds that Iran doesn't persecute homosexuals. We all know the truth about that.

Kazemi has the support of world-famous gay activist Peter Tatchell. Kazemi is presently in Holland and is set to be returned to the UK before being returned to Iran. From the Kazemi support site:
The British government can no longer hide behind its stance that Homosexuals are free in Iran as long as they are discreet, for they, via our own MP's and published in The Times, have been told by a senior Iranian Minister that all homosexuals will be executed.

However, Britain's Home Office told CNN in a written statement that it does not believe that homosexuals are routinely persecuted purely on the basis of their sexuality.

His sexuality has never been in doubt and the Home Office stance that homosexuals are safe in Iran is no different than to say that Ann Franks was safe from the Nazis as long as she hid in the attic, during WWII.

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