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Clinton's Vanishing Point?

Obama won easily in North Carolina and Clinton won Indiana by a teensy margin. Or not. Issues with the absentee ballots. Again. But even if Clinton sqeaks by, Indiana's delegates will still be split 50-50. [UPDATE: Indiana was called for Clinton around 1AM.]

Last night some of the pundits were calling yesterday's primary the end of Clinton's campaign. Prematurely so perhaps, but her campaign is virtually penniless; Obama's is neck-deep in bars of gold. At one point on both CNN and MSNBC the talk turned to how Clinton needs to reconcile with Obama in order to get the nod as his VP. In blogland, Matt Drudge posted a picture of Obama with the headline: "The Nominee." And unsurprisingly, Andrew Sullivan is already doing a victory dance.

Via, a quote from Clinton may reveal what's coming:
“I’m going to work my heart out in West Virginia and Kentucky this month,” she said. She cast her potential victory in Indiana — citing her opponent’s words — as a “tiebreaker” after the two split victories in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

But Clinton also thanked her family, her staff and her supporters at unusually great length, giving the speech a somewhat valedictory tone. She promised to fight for a Democratic victory in November “no matter what happens.”
I'm not sure Clinton is gonna pack it in. I think she might limp right up to the convention, even if she has to do it on her own dime. But even hardcore Clinton supporters might breathe a sigh of relief to have all this over.

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