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Ode To Lesbian Liplocks Tops Chart

The #2 pop single in the nation this week is Katy Perry's ode to lesbian experimentation, I Kissed A Girl (which is not the Jill Sobule song of the same title from some years back). The Concerned Women of America are horrified:
The song, performed by Katy Perry, is called I Kissed a Girl. The lyrics speak of kissing a girl "just to try it," adding that the "experimental game" is "just human nature." In addition, the singer is hopeful that her boyfriend does not mind she is experimenting with a lesbian relationship.

Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America takes issue with the song luring girls into sexual experimentation. "... [E]ven if they have a boyfriend and consider themselves heterosexual, [the singer entices them] to just try a lesbian experience," she maintains. "It's really intended to mess girls up." Wright argues that the song works to break down a girl's sense of morality concerning lesbianism, and also works to get girls to be less critical of homosexuality.
What a nightmare! A song that gets kids to be less judgmental!

In other homo music news, Rich Morel's co-production of Cyndi Lauper's single, Same Old Fucking Story, is #1 this week on the Billboard dance chart. The track has become a Blowoff staple over the last few months. Congrats, Rich.

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