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100 Days Of "Better Than Sex"

Vince Sandoval, a 25-year-old gay New Yorker, is going without sex for 100 days in a "social experiment" to find things to do in and around New York City that are "better than sex". From his email to me:
I started it a little more than a month ago as a social experiment and a way to explore the art & cultural offerings of the city. It could be food, a play, concert, a hobby or practially anything under the Manhattan sun. Some of the fun things that I've done so far include going on a silent date at the Cloisters; seeing Les Paul, who invented the electric guitar and is now 93, in concert; the chocolate cube dessert at Park Avenue summer; and randomly going to City Hall to be a witness to a wedding ceremony. I just attended a cuddle party in NJ and will be going to the Russian/Turkish Baths in the East Village later this week.
Sandoval, of course, is blogging his experiment. He welcomes your suggestions.

Hmm, some of us go 100 days without sex all the freekin' time. I welcome your suggestions.

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