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That Ain't Right, Nike

Via The Gay Recluse comes word of the latest Nike campaign, which features a series of athletes "humiliated" by having their faces pushed into the crotches of other players. Tag lines on the "That Ain't Right" campaign include “Your mama won’t let you come home after this. What would she tell the neighbors?” The ad was created by Wieden+Kennedy.

Non-consensual tea-bagging = gay-mocking hilarity. Yup, a regular riot. Nike is playing on the inherent homophobia of straight athletes, men who must continually compensate for their sweaty physical contact with other males by simultaneously bleating about their heterosexuality at the same time they accuse each other of secretly enjoying all that manly man-touching.

What is Nike selling here besides the idea that gay sex is humiliating?

Worst. Ad. Of. The. Year.

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