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Transman Booted From Bi Dating Site

A 25 year-old Boston transman had his profile removed from a bisexual dating site last week after revealing to the site's operators that he had recently transitioned.
When Nick Teich created a free account on the online personals site last week, he decided to disclose that he is transgender. Perhaps he shouldn’t have. "They say, tell us about yourself in your own words. And I stated, ’I’m a 25-year old trans guy living in Boston.’ ... I didn’t want to mislead anyone looking at my profile, so that’s why I put that," said Teich. Within a day he had received three "smiles," which members send to express their interest in getting to know each other.

Teich thought little of his decision until he wrote to the site’s customer service staff about a problem he was having using the site. He exchanged e-mails with a customer service representative named Kiar Dupuis, and after reading his profile Dupuis informed him that the site does not allow transgender users.

"I am sorry, as a transgender, our site would not meet your needs. I am afraid we have to remove your profile," wrote Dupuis, according to an e-mail provided to Bay Windows by Teich. His profile was deleted shortly after he received the e-mail.
Site officials defended their action by saying that prior to his transition, Teich had registered on their lesbian dating site, which shares profile information with
"We do not have a site appropriate for transgenders. You joined our lesbian site, which is not your sexual preference. You then listed yourself as a bisexual man. This is absolutely a violation of our community rules because we do not allow any man on a lesbian site," wrote Dupuis. "You are NOT a lesbian therefore you cannot and will not be a part of our lesbian community."
Transmen are not a part of the lesbian community? That'd be a shocker to just about anybody at last week's Dyke March.

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