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Catholic League: Ban Towleroad From DNC

The Catholic League wants Andy Towle to be stricken from the list of credentialed bloggers attending the Democratic convention.
“Towleroad describes itself as ‘A Site with Homosexual Tendencies.’ Accordingly, it shows men in jock straps and underwear. It also has a post on Pope Benedict XVI that takes him to task for wearing a cape with ermine. Some of those who commented on this described the pope in a vile and profane way.

“Both of these blogs should be cut immediately from the list of credentialed sites. Neither functions as a responsible media outlet and both offend Catholics, as well as others. To allow them access to the Democratic National Convention sends a message to Catholics they will not forget. We look for Leah Daughtry, CEO of the Convention, to nix them ASAP.”
The other blog referred to is Bitch PHD. Congrats to both. If you are pissing off the Catholic League, you are clearly doing something right.

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