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Good News: Prop 8 Losing In Latest Poll

According to the latest poll, the ballot referendum to ban gay marriage in California is in serious trouble.
A majority of likely voters, 54 percent, oppose ending gay marriage, compared with 40 percent who support it, the poll said. The result is similar to the findings of a Field Poll in July, which found that 51 percent of likely California voters opposed ending gay marriage, while 42 percent said they supported it. But when it comes to general attitudes about gay marriage, voters in the Public Policy Institute poll are evenly split, at 47 percent for and against — as they have been for the past three years. "It's early in the campaign season, and in the end the vote on this measure ... could be hard to predict," Baldassare said. "Overall views on gay marriage have not budged."
Ballot referendums that start out behind in the polls have rarely been approved.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A person working inside the No On 8 campaign (who prefers to be unnamed) reports that their internal polling does NOT reveal as rosy a picture as the above-linked poll. The source strongly cautioned against complacency even if published reports seem to indicate we are ahead. There are numerous sites accepting donations for their fight for marriage equality. Go to Equality For All which is a massive coalition of LGBT and progressive groups working on your behalf.

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