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Log Cabin Republicans Like Sarah Palin

Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Patrick Sammon: "Alaska Governor Sarah Palin can help Sen. McCain win this election by appealing to independent and young voters. She's a mainstream Republican who will unite the Party and serve John McCain well as Vice President. Gov. Palin is an inclusive Republican who will help Sen. McCain appeal to gay and lesbian voters."

The LCR hasn't made an endorsement of McCain yet, but you can bet it's coming now.

Palin appears to be a Yankee Doodle dream. Beauty queen, enjoys hunting and fishing, working class husband, five kids, one disabled, and her oldest son is in Iraq. Oh and she just took pains to point out that he enlisted last year on September 11th.

UPDATE: The Human Rights Campaign hates her. HRC head Joe Solmonese: "America may not know much about Sarah Palin, but based on what our community has seen of her, we know enough. Sarah Palin not only supported the 1998 Alaska constitutional amendment banning marriage equality but, in her less than two years as Governor, even expressed the extreme position of supporting stripping away domestic partner benefits for state workers. When you can't even support giving our community the rights to health insurance and pension benefits, it's a frightening window into where she stands on equality."

UPDATE II: The Palins are quite the photogenic couple.UPDATE III: Palin's daughters are named Willow and Piper, after the witches in Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Maybe she really does have gay friends.

UPDATE IV: It was too funny to be true. Willow is a town in Alaska and Piper was named for the local aircraft company. Rats. That could have been fun.

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