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McCain To Return Manhunt Money

This weekend the Boston Herald reported that John McCain's campaign will return Manhunt cofounder Jonathan Crutchley's $2300 donation.
McCain’s camp seemed just as eager to distance themselves from the brief alliance. McCain spokesman Jeff Grappone didn’t return multiple phone calls on the subject, and Crutchley has apparently been informed that his $2,300 will be returned.

“He said, ‘If John is too good for my money, I’ll give it to (presumptive Democratic nominee) Barack (Obama),’ ” Basile said yesterday. Crutchley, who originally defended his donation in an online post, did not return a call for comment.

“I believe McCain will be a better commander-in-chief than Obama, who also opposes gay marriage,” Crutchley wrote in response to an item in the Huffington Post about his donation. “If we have an experienced, seasoned person defending the country in this dangerous age, we will be able to argue about the gay agenda later.”

Crutchley has since written a “touching” letter to the employees at Manhunt, according to Basile, and is now committed to supporting Obama. “Someone had a reality check,” Basile said.
Follow the story at Stop Manhunt.

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