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Chrome Is Shiny

Because I am a complete Google whore, I had to immediately download the test version of Chrome, the companay's first-ever browser, when it came out yesterday. Super clean interface (as minimalistic as the page) and super, super fast. So far anyway. That sucker just drew the NY Times homepage in less a second. It's more like Firefox than IE (and that's a good thing) and there aren't a lot of add-ons yet, but so far I'm impressed. Doesn't eat nearly as much memory as Firefox either.

Gizmodo agrees:
Our first impression of Chrome is that it's nice and fast. There's very little lag opening pages and the entire interface feels very streamlined. Dragging tabs in and out of windows is awesome, with a transparent version of the page pulling away with your mouse. The fact that you can pull tabs out of windows as well as combine windows is a great touch. Everything involving the tabs feels very, very smooth.
Google, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Chrome...what am I leaving out of my slavish devotion to this company?

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