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Palin Withdrawal Watch

Wonkette has started a "Sarah Palin Early Withdrawal Watch."
In 1972 George McGovern's vice presidential nominee, Sen. Thomas Eagleton (D-MO), withdrew from the ticket two weeks after the convention when it was revealed that he'd undergone three hospitalizations for mental illness and had received electroshock therapy. McGovern was heavily criticized for not thoroughly vetting Eagleton (sound familiar?) after being turned down by Ted Kennedy, Edmund Muskie and other "big name" Senators who didn't want to face an "unbeatable" Richard Nixon. Sargeant Shriver replaced Eagleton on the ticket, who went on to two more terms in the Senate.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if Palin doesn't even last an Eagletonian two weeks.

UPDATE: Daily Kos is running a poll: "Will Sarah Palin Remain John McCain's Running Mate Until Election Day?" With 30,000 votes at this writing, it's currently 50-50.

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