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Silicon Valley Stands Up For Equality

A broad coalition of Silicon Valley tech companies have formed "Silicon Valley Leaders Says No On Proposition 8" and will publish a full-page ad in tomorrow's San Jose Mercury-News urging opposition to Prop 8.
The honorary co-chairs of “Silicon Valley Leaders Say NO on Proposition 8″ include: Brin; Bill Campbell, Chairman, Intuit; David Filo, Founder, Yahoo; Chuck Geschke, Founder and Chairman, Adobe Systems; John Morgridge, Former CEO and Chairman, Cisco Systems; Pierre Omidyar, Founder and Chairman, eBay; Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook; Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google; and Jerry Yang, Founder, Yahoo.

In a statement in a press release set to go out this morning, Yang said: “Silicon Valley has always been an example for the rest of the country of how diversity and openness help to drive innovation and value creation. This divisive measure is the antithesis of those values that make Silicon Valley so unique.”
Embiggen the image for a complete list of the dozens of tech firms on board.

RELATED: Yesterday the chancellor of UC Berkeley warned of a creative class brain-drain to more friendly locales if Prop 8 passes.
"Inclusion provides the rich diversity of intellectual life and creative learning that are at the heart of this great university. Inclusiveness is a specific strategic advantage that allows us to attract and retain talented people who could easily choose to move to other parts of the country. For example, in Massachusetts, home to Harvard and MIT, who are among our greatest competitors for faculty, same-sex marriage has been legal for some years. It is recognized in states such as New York, home to Columbia and Cornell, who are also major rivals for top faculty. The constitutional right to marry in the State of California enhances UC Berkeley's ability to attract and retain the very best students, staff and faculty, with the promise of equal treatment under the laws of our state. Social theorist Richard Florida has shown that the economic success of American cities is based on their ability to attract a "creative class" of "talented people who seek an environment open to differences." Proposition 8 will harm the social conditions in our state that promote creativity, justice, and prosperity."

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