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Anti-Gay Musgrave Lost by 12 Points, Still Won't Concede Defeat

Batshit crazy homophobe Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (the architect of the Federal Marriage Amendment) still won't concede that she lost the election.
Bitterness generated by the bruising battle between Betsy Markey and Marilyn Musgrave apparently lingers days after voters decided the winner of the 4th Congressional District. Incumbent Republican Musgrave, who lost to Democrat Markey by a 56 to 44 percent margin Tuesday, has yet to call and congratulate Markey on her win. Musgrave also hasn't conceded the race, said Markey spokesman Ben Marter. "She has yet to admit defeat," he said. "It's a little bizarre." Calls to Musgrave's campaign and congressional office went unanswered Friday.

Musgrave has held the 4th District seat since 2002, at one point drawing fire from national gay-rights and liberal groups for her support of an amendment banning gay marriage. Markey, a Fort Collins businesswoman and former aide to U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar, tried to portray Musgrave as a strident conservative out of touch with constituents. The two sharply attacked each other in three campaign debates and in television ads. In one Musgrave ad, Markey was portrayed by a blond actress strapped to a lie detector. Musgrave attempted to show that Markey was being backed by fringe left-wing groups and alleged she enriched her family business while working for Salazar. In all, the Musgrave-Markey matchup attracted more than $3 million from special-interest groups.

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