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Clintons Pass Vetting, Hillary As SOS Said To Be A Lock

The Clintons have passed the Obama team's vetting process in Hillary's candidacy for Secretary of State.
President-elect Barack Obama is "on track" to name Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as his secretary of state shortly after Thanksgiving, two senior Obama aides said. Financial disclosure issues have been worked out, aides said. The officials said they expect her to accept. Clinton aides had no comment. The choice unites the two rivals in the most protracted presidential primary in American history, giving Obama the Team of Rivals Cabinet he had promised. Former President Bill Clinton authorized unprecedented disclosures about his finances to Obama's vetting team, and transition lawyers are satisfied, officials said.
Once Hillary assumes the cabinet position, NY Gov. David Paterson will appoint her replacement in the Senate. That person (many think it will be NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo), would presumably run for the office in 2009. There's some talk that Rudy Giuliani is considering running against Hillary's replacement.

UPDATE: For clarity, here's how an election would go for Hillary's replacement.
If Hillary leaves her Senate seat in an even-numbered year (that is, by the end of 2008), Governor Paterson appoints a replacement who serves until January 3, 2010. There would be a special election in November 2009 to fill the remainder of Clinton's term, which runs through 2012. If, however, the vacancy doesn't occur until January 2009, the replacement serves until January 3, 2011. A special election would take place in November 2010 to fill the (short) remainder of the Clinton term.

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