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eHarmony Forced To Love The Gays

Thanks to a lawsuit filed in New Jersey, eHarmony has been forced to drop their "no gays, no way" policy and beginning next year gay folks can use the service.
Internet matchmaker will provide same-sex matching services in 2009 under the terms of a settlement reached today in New Jersey. The online dating service, founded in 2000 in California, has 20 million clients, according to its website. Eric McKinley, a gay man from New Jersey, filed a discrimination suit against eHarmony Inc. in 2005 after the service refused to take his personal advertisement. McKinley's suit triggered a N.J. state investigation of the service. Under the terms of the settlement, eHarmony agreed to provide a new service for gay men and lesbians by March 31 under the headings "male seeking male" and "female seeking female." In return, the complaint against eHarmony was dismissed by the N.J. Division on Civil Rights. The company and its founder, Neil Clark Warren, were absolved of any liability.
I say fuck those douchenozzles anyway. Use or one of the other services that has welcomed homos from Day One.

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