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HomoQuotable - David Mixner

"[W]e laughed Brokeback Mountain right out of an Academy Award. Please lets not allow the same thing to happen to Milk this year.

"Milk is a movie about our history, our heroes, our struggle and the power of one individual to create change. The movie is a universal story to inspire and give hope to everyone. The movie depicts how hatred can lead to assassination of not only, Supervisor Harvey Milk, but also Mayor George Moscone, because of their ideas and courage. There is nothing funny about this powerful and well done drama.

"So what did David Letterman and James Franco talk about on the Letterman show the other evening. Almost the entire interview was about Franco and Penn kissing. Letterman even left the impression of "ugh" when they talked about two men sharing an intimate moment. This is not acceptable from Letterman and GLAAD should be all over it. Also the producers of Milk should better brief their stars, like Franco, about not falling into the Brokeback Mountain trap. Franco's response should have been to Letterman, "This is not a comedy. It tells the story of an assassinated leader of a civil rights movement and the epic struggle for freedom." Trust me, that would have ended the discussion of kissing.

"If this kind of treatment of Milk continues, we will once again lose the powerful message of an amazing film, lose the awards and lose our history. It is not too late to speak out. Watch the Letterman segment below." - Gay rights activist and author David Mixner, complaining that jokes cost Brokeback Mountain its Oscar and that it may happen again with Milk. Read the entire piece.

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