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The Mind Of Morel

Washington DC's MetroWeekly has posted a lengthy interview with house music kingpin DJ Rich Morel in which Morel talks about performing with and producing for Cyndi Lauper, the famous Blowoff parties, and his fantastic new album, Death Of The Paperboy.

An excerpt from Doug Rule's The Mind Of Morel:
MW: Your new album is called The Death of the Paperboy. You mean that both in the metaphorical sense - in the sense of loss of innocence and time of change - but also in the literal sense.

MOREL: Exactly. It's a metaphor but it's actually a true narrative as well. After [2004's] Lucky Strike, which had some similar thematic ideas within it, I had written maybe four or five of the songs that are on The Death of the Paperboy but I hadn't written the title track yet. They were all following a similar theme that for me had an adolescent perspective -- and I mean that in the most positive of ways. Meaning, there was a certain naiveté surrounding the perspective of the writer, who was me. For instance, ''No Makes Me Lonely'' is a simple broken love song basically, but it was written through the perspective of a 17-year-old more than somebody my age.

When I was writing these songs in my headspace, I was constantly reflecting on things that had happened to me when I was a kid. ''The Death of the Paperboy'' came about because I was reflecting on that and it kind of summed up the whole cycle of songs that I was writing. I thought it was a good title and starting point because that event was one that had a monumental change. I remember the impact of it and I remember how things changed after it. Did you ever see that movie The Ice Storm, with Sigourney Weaver? It's that type of thing where everything was kind of idyllic and you're living your life, everything's fine, and then this event happens and you realize that everything you count on and everything you think isn't necessarily the way it is.
[Photo Credit: Todd Franson]

JMG EXCLUSIVE: Here's Rich Morel's fantastic remix of The Killer's Human, which is easily one of my favorite tracks from 2008.

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