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Ted Stevens Appears To Have Lost

Is this election STILL going on?
Sen. Ted Stevens' hold on the U.S. Senate seat he's held for 40 years is looking increasingly shaky in the face of more votes for Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich. Begich now holds an 814-vote lead he took after nearly 60,000 votes were counted Wednesday. Thursday, the Elections Division provided additional detail on where the more than 40,000 votes yet to be counted come from.

With many arriving from Democratic strongholds that favored Begich on Election Day, the challenger looks to be in a strong position to unseat Stevens, the longest serving Republican ever in the U.S. Senate. "Given where we expect the remaining votes are located, this looks very good for Begich," said polling analyst Nate Silver on the Web site, a national polling site that has been looking at Alaska. The district with the most absentee votes left to be counted, 2,116, is Sitka, which Begich won 54 percent to 41 percent. "The remaining full districts ... those are good districts for us," Begich said Thursday.
Looks like Caribou Barbie is gonna be stuck as governor.

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