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Write My Name In The Book Of Love

Wow. Thank you New York City! Here's a quick slideshow of the rally at City Hall. For full screen versions go here. Hey, what happened to that supposed "93% chance of rain"? Bah! Please put links to photos from your town in the comments. I've gotten a couple hundred more emails today but there's no way I can get to them all. I wish I could, turnout looks to have been amazing all over the country.

ABOVE: One of 20,000 second class citizens at today's rally.
ABOVE: Former Task Force head Matt Foreman and friend.
ABOVE: The actual Adam & Steve.
ABOVE: Look at how YOUNG everybody was! It's a new youth revolution.
ABOVE: Epic Equality Fail! ABOVE: Supportive Canadians rally in Toronto. Photo via This, That, No Other who has some great photos of their rally.ABOVE: Joan Crawford visited the Dallas rally. Via Andrew Sullivan, who has a great series of photos up.ABOVE: Gilbert Baker's amended banner. I guess he read Peter Staley's post from Friday. Via Andre Duque who has many more photos.ABOVE: Holy cow! Rex Wockner reports over 25,000 marched in San Diego! He's got lots more like this one.ABOVE: In Las Vegas, Wanda Sykes used today's rally to officially come out and annouce that she'd married a woman on October 25th in California. Sykes: "I’m proud to be a woman, I’m proud to be a black woman and I’m proud to be gay." Welcome Wanda! Via Vegas Happens Here.ABOVE: Me and Curtis Moore via my pal Jon Nalley's excellent gallery on Facebook.ABOVE: Eli Sanders at Slog reports a massive turnout in Seattle.

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