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The Alliance Defense Fund Celebrates
Their Year Of Hate

Note how the clip hits on all this year's big "persecuted Christians" stories. Styrofoam Cross Lady: check. New Mexico wedding photographer: check. Castro bible thumpers clip: check. At Good As You, Jeremy notes that the ADF fails to mention their losses this year.
But you know what we find funny about the video? That the foremost "victory" they tout is in the arena of marriage, especially in California, when if there is any group that actually LOST in terms of marriage equality in '08, it was the Alliance Defense Fund. In California, the ADF's Glen Lavy was in the Supreme Court making his case for keeping gays barred. The Supreme Court, however, rejected his side's arguments. Also, among other marriage cases: The legal beagles also tried, unsuccessfully, to stop New York state from recognizing out-of-state unions. In fact, as far as their gay nup-barring court activities are concerned, it seems to have been a pretty crummy year for this "pro-marriage" outfit. It would seem to us that the anti-gay movement succeeded DESPITE the ADF's inability to effectively win in court, not because of it.

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