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Homos To Crash Wedding Of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist And His Beard-To-Be

Pure deliciousness:
Gay rights activists plan to demonstrate outside Gov. Charlie Crist's wedding to Carole Rome this month. The group Impact-Florida has called on its members to gather in pink T-shirts outside First United Methodist Church of St. Petersburg on Dec.12 to "congratulate" Crist and Rome while their wedding takes place inside. The demonstration will continue outside the wedding reception at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in downtown St. Petersburg.

"After the positive congratulatory observance, there will be a candlelight vigil close to the [Vinoy] in downtown St. Pete to mourn the loss of gays right to get married," the group's Web site states, referring to a gay marriage ban that passed by ballot initiative in November. Crist endorsed Amendment 2 prior to its passage by 61.9 percent of state voters; it needed 60 percent to become part of the state Constitution.

In an interview with the online magazine, Impact-Florida spokeswoman Lorna Bracewell said the event will be peaceful and respectful. "Our objective will be to celebrate the governor's fundamental right to marry." Bracewell, a singer and songwriter from St. Petersburg, said the governor's wedding is an opportunity to highlight the amendment's effects. "He is exercising the same fundamental right millions of Floridians are now denied because of the passage of Amendment 2," she said to "Perhaps it will inspire him and the many Floridians that voted for Amendment 2 to rethink their positions on the question of what constitutes a marriage," she said.
The demonstration will be "peaceful and respectful"? We don't need any more bad press like the Styrofoam Cross Lady incident, but Crist's wedding hardly deserves respect.

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