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Right Wing Blogs Blame Marriage Equality Supporters For Fire At Sarah Palin's Church

Yesterday the Wasilla, Alaska fire department determined that an accelerant was poured around the entrance of Sarah Palin's church, confirming the fire as arson. As expected, accusations against gays/liberals/marriage equality supporters are lighting up the right-wing blogosphere.

From the Men For Palin blog:
The fact that this hate crime was committed against a church attended by a prominent politician points toward a political motivation. I think that we can eliminate the “Christian Right” as the crime was committed against a predominantly white evangelical Protestant church. I think that we can eliminate the mushy middle: They are too squeamish to resort to violence. That leaves the left.

Well, who on the left has been using threats, force and intimidation in the past six weeks? With most of the left doing an endzone dance after the election of BHO, there is only one group that remains desperately and bitterly in need of therapy and medication: The gay and lesbian “civil rights” coalitions. They are and have been angry and on the move since the passage of Proposition 8 in California.

Some extremists might see both Governor Palin and her church as a good symbolic target. Gov. Palin has affirmed time-and-time-again that she believes that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Wasilla Bible has participated in pro-marriage and pro-family programs, and has come under some criticism from the left as a result. Our prayers go out to the congregation of Wasilla Bible and we wish them success with their recovery efforts.
From the Canadian Sentinel blog (not a newspaper):
The radically hateful, extremist and, now, violent (yes, violent!) homosexual movement is on the warpath and it can be suspected that they're responsible for hatefully burning the Church Sarah Palin attends. There's no shortage of online coverage of the hatefulness, violence and sheer murderous dangerousness of the radically fascist, now terroristic, homosexual movement. It needs to be exposed before they start murdering people on the basis of their religious orientation or race (the militant "gays" are also, as I reported previously herein, spewing hateful racial epithets (like the "n" word) against and threatening any and all Blacks they find).
From the Christian Newswire:
Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the United States [JMG: an anti-gay Christian group], urged law enforcement officials to thoroughly investigate the Friday night arson of the Wasilla Bible Church, in which the entrance of the church was set ablaze with a group of women and children inside. "We do not know if this arson and attempted murder was perpetrated by advocates of homosexual marriage, but the church has been the target of verbal attacks by the homosexual lobby and their apologists in the major media and this attack follows countless other recent attacks by homosexuals against Christians," said Delgaudio.

In a letter to authorities in Alaska, Delgaudio also encouraged prosecutors not to seek hate crimes charges, if the arsonist or arsonists were motivated by hatred of Christians. "Whomever set the fire, for whatever reason, should receive the toughest and longest sentence possible for arson and attempted murder under Alaskan law," said Delgaudio, "But we do not condone the politicalization of crime in any case, including this one."
As present there is no indication that any of the accused groups had anything to do with the fire. Yet the accusations will surely continue to snowball.

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