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Westboro To Picket Inauguration

The Westboro Baptist Church has been given permission to picket Barack Obama's inauguration.
NBC reports that the US National Park Service has granted Westboro Baptist Church a permit to protest on Inauguration Day, January 20th. 15 members will be in a corner of John Marshal Memorial Park on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue. This year the inauguration parade will include the Lesbian and Gay Band Association as a marching contingent. It is the first time a gay group has been asked to march. During his inauguration parades President Clinton allowed the LGBA to perform on the street. Officials are unsure how many people will come to Washington to take part in the inauguration celebrations, but it has been reported that up to five million people may be on the streets, lining the parade route and packing into open spaces in front of the Capitol. Less than half a million attended the inaguration of George W Bush in 2005.
I still say the Westboro nutters are one of the best things ever to happen to the LGBT movement. Every time they leave their sewer, the MSM writes 100 sympathetic stories about gay rights. We should be paying these people.

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