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Daily Grumble

So I got stopped near the subway this morning by a college kid taking a survey for the United People For Democratic Freedom Liberty Justice Something-Something. He only had three questions and I did OK, but not great. Here's the survey in case you want to test yourself.

Pollster: Please name every elected official that represents you at any level of government - city, state, and federal. Everybody you can think of.

JMG: Uh...federal is Obama, Biden, Schumer, Gillibrand and Carolyn Mahoney. NYC is Mayor Bloomberg....Manhattan borough president is Scott Stringer.. my City Council rep is Jenny Laupin. [Wrong, it's Jessica Laupin.] State would be.... Gov. state Senator is Liz Kreuger...and my, he's bisexual....damn, can't remember.

Pollster (laughing): You know he's bi but you don't know his name?

JMG: Yes. Wait. Michah Kellner.

Pollster: OK. Now please name any currently serving governors in the United States. Everybody you can think of.

JMG: Paterson. Schwarzenegger. Crist. Richardson. Huntsman. Butch Otter. Bobby Jindal. David Patrick. [Wrong, it's Deval Patrick.] Jon Corzine. Um...Vermont is Jim Douglas. I guess that's all. Is that about ten? How many are people getting?

Pollster: Nine, you got one wrong. Most people are getting about five. Last question. Please name any currently serving mayor of a major U.S. city. Everybody you can think of.

JMG: Bloomberg. LA is Villaraigosa. SF is Gavin Newsom. San Diego is Jerry Sanders. Portland is Sam Adams. Fort Lauderdale is Jack Seiler. DC is Fenty. Chicago is Daley.

So I did OK on the folks I actually voted for, but kinda-sorta lousy on the rest. I only named one-fifth of the state governors and a measly eight major city* mayors. Which really annoys me since I write about a lot of these people. Boo me.

*Yes, Fort Lauderale is a major city.

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