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Freepers React To The Oscars

Here's a lovely sampling of Freeper reactions to Sean Penn's win at last night's Academy Awards.

- "Seems that the Oscars have gone the way of the Nobel ... Commies Queers Globull warming idiots and terrorist lovers need only apply."
- "Hollywood awards have nothing to do with movies and everything to do with the homosexual agenda. It's nothing but a bunch of liberal queers giving each other a congratulatory slap on the ass for using movies to promote homosexuality."
- "I am sick of the “equal rights” argument... The law is clear - ALL men are free to marry a woman. And all women have the right to marry a man. No-one is being denied that right. We all have that same right."
- "Penn, milking the man-milk dispenser, yet again."
- "He just made a plea for Gay's to be able to marry...Then he thanks the country for electing Obama. He's scum."
- "Whew, at least MILK didn’t get best picture!"
- "Here it comes again. When “Brokeback Mountain” didn't win best picture the fruits were screaming like we put shards of glass in the nation's KY Jelly supply. We'll probably get the same with “Milk.”"
- "Sean Penn = POS!"
- "At least Milk has a happy ending!"

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