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God Is Our Air Traffic Controller

There's an amusing discussion over at Fark over this letter to a Michigan newspaper:
On the Feb. 8 "60 Minutes" program, we were captivated while viewing the Katie Couric interview of the crew and passengers of Flight 1549. However, we were struck there was not one mention of God, who directs pilots of planes and secures the safety of passengers. We have written CBS and asked them for more realistic programming. Help protect our freedoms. Write CBS about this.
A few responses...

-"If God wants a mention on tv, he can land his own damn plane...."
-"Because he didn't want to talk about how god threw birds at his plane?"
-"I've seen what happens when you trust God to land a plane. He favors fiery death."
-"Well I'm sure he mentioned God a few times as he was crashing."

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