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In Christ's Name, Stop Being Human!

Direct from the Passion For Christ Movement is this line of T-shirts so you can tell the world you are no longer a dirty homosexual, no longer a depraved compulsive masturbator, and no longer a damned-to-hell out of wedlock fucker. A satisfied P4CM customer raves:
Simply stated.... How might I assist in this mighty endeavor? See, I, myself am an EX-homosexual... Ridiculed, mocked, abandoned, questioned and disrepected, but here.... Standing on the mighty rock which is the word of the Utmost.. calling out, crying out, screaming ou... JESUS, pull this from me. Kill this in me, so that I mght have a new life in you. Bend me, Break me, Mold me, Create me.... Keep me safe in thy shelter O' GOD... I need thee, I plead to the, I call on you in humility, asking that you simply turn your ear and hear.... JESUS, Savior, Master, Redeemed, Creator, I BEG OF THEE... KILL this in me that I might live... And HE did. I am living proof, and I shall scream it from the depths of the valley, to the hight of the clouds... I AM SAVED... I AM FREE... I AM AN EX---- ex- drug abuser-YES, ex-thief-Yes, ex-doer of iniquity-YES, ex-lost,soul Oh YEs, EX-HOMOSEXUAL---YES, YES, YES... and YES!!!
Whew! That last "yes" got me really close. No, no, I kid, I kid. I've stopped masturbating too! In fact, yesterday I stopped TWICE!

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