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Join The Chat As Matt Barber Hosts Peter LaBarbera On His Radio Show

Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbera, the two most evil anti-gay voices on the net, are coming together on the Liberty Counsel radio show today at 4pm Eastern. Listen live and join their live chat here. This should be interesting.

(Via - Good As You)

UPDATE: As those who listened in know, BamBam and Petey double-talked right over me for most of my call and didn't even allow me to get to my actual question. Instead, they wanted to know how many of my friends have HIV and whether I think there's a such thing as an actual "ex-gay." They both seem to think that because AIDS is in the world, all homosexuality should be righteously stopped. I should have asked them if those tens of millions of Africans with AIDS should stop being straight.

UPDATE II: Jeremy at Good As You captured the audio. I'm in Part 4.

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