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North Dakota Senate Approves Adding Gays To Existing Protected Classes

Yesterday the North Dakota senate voted to add sexual orientation to its list of groups protected from discrimination.
"If someone is not doing their job, or habitually tardy, or doesn't get along with people, they can still be fired, whether gay, lesbian or straight," said Sen. Tom Fiebiger, D-Fargo. "What employers can't do under this law is fire someone because they are gay." North Dakota's Senate agreed on Wednesday, voting 27-19 to include sexual orientation in a list of categories protected by the state's human rights law. The bill now moves to the state House. Aside from a presentation by Fiebiger, who is the bill's principal sponsor, there was no debate on the legislation. As written, it bars discrimination against gays and lesbians in matters of housing, employment, credit, insurance, public accommodations and public services.
The bill, which does not include transgender protections, now moves to the North Dakota House.

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