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Scotland May Outlaw Oral Sex Between Consenting Youths

Capitalizing on their success at outlawing intercourse for teens 13-15 years old, Christian activists in Scotland are now trying to criminalize oral sex between consenting teenagers under 16.
Kenny MacAskill has indicated that more forms of sexual activity between children may be banned, following pressure from religious groups. The justice secretary has told MSPs that he will reconsider plans to criminalise only sexual intercourse between children aged 13 to 15. The move means oral sex between youngsters might now become a crime. But last night Mr MacAskill was warned that bowing to pressure from the Christian Institute, which lobbied the justice committee on the issue, and banning oral sex would take him deeper into a moral "minefield". Tina Woolnough, chairwoman of the group Parents in Partnership, said: "Unless (the government's] interests are protecting children from abuse, they have no business going into this area. Where do you draw the line between what is legal and what is illegal?" Only boys who have sex are currently held to be committing an offence, while there is no specific law against consensual oral sex, although it could be regarded as an "indecent behaviour" offence.
Because the only thing teenagers love more than sex is obeying the law.

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