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CA Legislature Passes Resolutions Condemning Prop 8

Yesterday both chambers of California's legislature passed resolutions declaring that Proposition 8 was an "illegal and unprecedented revision" to the state constitution. The state Senate and Assembly resolutions were both introduced by openly gay men: Sen. Mark Leno (D-SF) and Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D-SF). Equality California, via press release:
[A] full 17 Senators and 40 Assemblymembers signed on as resolution co-authors. The Senate resolution passed by a final vote of 18-14, whereas the Assembly version passed 44-27. “This is the first time in our state’s history that the initiative process has been used to take away a fundamental freedom from one particular group,” said EQCA Executive Director Geoff Kors. “Our legislators understand this is an unequivocal change to our State’s Constitution, which is to protect and empower all people equally.” "Both houses of the Legislature recognize that Proposition 8 undermines the fundamental principle of equal protection guaranteed by the California Constitution," said Senator Leno. "Proposition 8's revision to the California Constitution violated key structural checks and balances in the state's legal system when it was approved by a slim majority of voters last November. If Proposition 8 stands, we would be setting a dangerous precedent in California that allows a majority of the people to deny equal protection under the law to a minority of Californians."
The California Supreme Court hears arguments for Prop 8's repeal this Thursday. A massive rally to watch the proceedings on a Jumbotron is planned for that day on the Courthouse steps in San Francisco. Below is Equality California's new ad demanding Prop 8's repeal, which will air beginning Friday.

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